Why Every Business is Technically in the Hospitality Management Business

Hospitality has become a dominant force for businesses looking to improve their bottom-line and for the past decade we have seen nothing but explosive growth across all things mobile. From Hotels to Hospitals, Casinos and more; technology is contributing to the winning strategy more today than ever. When it comes to providing customers with true value — here’s what you need to know.

Geo-Based Marketing Exists

Proximity marketing alone is a phenomenon where a customer walks by a Point of Interest and trips a location-based notification immediately sent to his or her device, likely via low-frequency bluetooth Beacons interacting with their phone. The offer is for 50% off an item in a store right in front of them. Events like these have been proven to increase the customer’s odds of acting on offers made by up to 800%. If Brand A has communications that are 8x more effective than Brand B — it’s obvious who the underdog will quickly become.

The Power of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Trying to solve for hospitality can always be tricky and it’s no surprise the most powerful solution often encompasses both cutting-edge technology while maintaining easy setup & deployment. The best of both worlds is cost-effective, offers Beacon integration, proximity marketing, loyalty programs, and more; allowing Brand owners to have the power of contextual awareness in their fingertips (literally). Today, a Casino owner can send a notification to customers shopping on-premise exactly as they walk by their store — better yet — they can integrate with a turnkey solution offering this functionality and can automate it.

Finding a strong solution to meet your needs as a business can be a daunting task.. For more information please email info@1appworks.com.

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