Our Mission

Most apps for physical places leave a lot to be desired. At 1appworks we are dedicated to providing “Real World” places with powerful context-aware apps at an affordable price and with minimal effort. The 1app platform harnesses the power of contextual messaging, loyalty rewards, and local content to create superior and personalized mobile experiences for your customers – every time.

The Solution

A Complete Turn-Key Mobile Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform

Launched quickly and easily, our platform ties together several innovative technologies positioning your business ahead of the curve, while engaging and delighting your customers.


Create indoor messaging and engaging consumer experiences with Beacons.

Loyalty Programs

Extend or enhance existing loyalty programs, or create a new one from scratch.


Get powerful insights and analytics, all the way down to who is in the business now.

Android & iOS

A branded experience in a world class app, rich in delightful features.

Instant Publishing

Author content and create experiences easily with a central or distributed CMS.

Push/SMS Messaging

Provide the inside scoop to VIPs and audiences with direct messages using Push or SMS.

Proximity Messaging

Get your messages to the right person at the right time and right place.


Engage users as they enter and/or exit neighborhoods, locations, and venues.

The Real World

We harness the power of contextual messaging and local content to create superior mobile experiences in Real World Places, more loyal customers, and new revenue streams.

Retail / Dining And The Consumer Experience

By incorporating the latest in proximity messaging technologies and mobile loyalty features, restaurants and retail chains can now deploy apps their customers will love.  Sending the right message to the right person at the right time, increases new customer visits while mobile loyalty program enhancements will keep them coming back again and again.

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Casinos / Hotels / Resorts And The Guest Experience

Using the latest in proximity and mobile technology to enhance the guest experience is an easy way to create more satisfied guests from check in to check out while increasing on-property revenues and creating a highly differentiated world class guest experience. 


Healthcare And The Patient Experience

Changes in the health care industry have hospitals more focused than ever on improving the patient experience.  Easy navigation, seamless access to information, and useful resources creates happy patients and visitors alike, all while saving hospitals millions of dollars, increasing loyalty and boosting brand equity.

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Education And The Student Experience

Today’s typical college student spends more than three hours per day on their smart phone.  Universities can greatly improve the student experience with contextually aware mobile apps designed to help students navigate the campus quickly and safely. As well as giving them the access to the information they need to succeed, and save money around town.

Our Platform

Half Stack, Or No Stack…We Got You Covered

Whether you have an app or not, our solutions are right for you. The 1app platform is flexible enough to serve super-venues, franchises, marketing agencies, and organizations alike. Our platform is designed to support your long-term marketing strategy, and also works well for one-off events, promotions, or brand engagements. The 1app platform is the Complete Mobile Solution and comes in three flavors.

A Ready To Use World Class App

Super charge your brand loyalty and customer experiences with our full featured app and distributed publishing platform. We will have you launched in about a week. It’s that easy.


A Completely Customized App

Your wish is our command, and the sky is the limit. We will work against requirements to design and implement the perfect experience for any organization.


Lightweight iOS & Android SDKs

Coming Soon! Have your own app, and need one or some capabilities of our platform? No problem. Our SDK is a breeze for experienced developers. Go from implementation to a published app in a week.

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